Performance Modeling

Is Function-as-a-Service a Good Fit for Latency-Critical Services?

Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) is becoming an increasingly popular cloud-deployment paradigm for serverless computing that frees application developers from managing the infrastructure. At the same time, it allows cloud providers to assert control in …

CoCo: Coordinated Container Scheduling with Last-Level Cache and Memory Bandwidth Partitioning

Last-level cache (LLC) and memory bandwidth partitioning are commonly used in existing work to meet QoS requirements of all co-scheduled latency-critical applications consolidated on a physical server. With the increasing popularity of cloud microservices and Function-as-a-Service paradigm, the number of containers consolidated together increases significantly. However, due to the limitation of hardware features, existing work fails to support such number of applications. To bridge this gap, this project proposes CoCo, coordinated container scheduling with LLC and Memory bandwidth partitioning. Our quantitative evaluation shows that CoCo outperforms no-partitioning and baseline approaches by up to 920% and 9.4% respectively.