A Geography-Based P2P Overlay Network for Fast and Robust Blockchain Systems

Numerous blockchain systems with various consensus protocols have emerged to achieve high transaction rates (2∼10K tps). However, their underlying P2P network primitives constrain further improvements due to two problems (i) high message redundancy …

FRing: Augmenting Blockchain System Efficiency and Security with a TEE-Facilitated P2P Overlay Network

Project FRing includes a noval peer-to-peer overlay network protocol which improves communication efficiency and security among peers, and an implementation of the protocol in C++.

OWL: Understanding and Detecting Concurrency Attacks

Just like bugs in single-threaded programs can lead to vulnerabilities, bugs in multithreaded programs can also lead to concurrency attacks. We studied 31 real-world concurrency attacks, including privilege escalations, hijacking code executions, and …